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Om and Lotus

Aura Rose Quartz Pineapple Carving

Aura Rose Quartz Pineapple Carving

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A lovely pink rose quartz pineapple with an aura quartz permanent finish which has wonderful iridescence, sparkle and shine.(You can still see the interior crystalization!) 

Metaphysical properties: Rose quartz is a universal stone of hope and love that can lead to a sense of union with all that is. Though a gentle looking feminine stone, it packs a wonderful energy that is both healing and energizing. Rose quartz promotes harmony, compassion and understanding by stimulating the hearts energy and turning it toward love. A healing stone, it is said to reprogram the cells for joy, as it heals the heart and rebuilds trust. Rose quartz is great to wear, use in meditation, while sleeping and placed in your work and home environments.


Size: 6inches tall, 3inches wide, .5 inches thick 

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