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Om and Lotus

Carnelian Egg Crystal

Carnelian Egg Crystal

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These beautiful Carnelian Eggs make lovely display pieces.
Stand them on your desk while you work or place them by your bedside to benefit from the healing energy of the gemstone.

Carnelian bring you motivation and stimulates creativity. It has been known to protect from rage and envy and even boost fertility and stimulate sexuality. Allowing you to feel comfortable in your body, surrounded by an energy of acceptance and safety. It allows you to take chances, knowing that you will have support from others or the universe.


Product Description: 

  • (1) hand carved egg, polished and smoothed
  • Gemstone: Carnelian
  • Measurements approximately 37mm wide x 53mm tall.
  • Weight: approximately: 107g

Since these are natural stones, there will be some natural variations in stone pattern and color.

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