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Om and Lotus

Clear 2020 Smudging Collection

Clear 2020 Smudging Collection

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New home, office or crystal cleansing? Perhaps ridding some negative energy of 2020?

Smudging is a sacred practice that has been incorporated into ritual work for centuries. They believed that burning herbs and/or flowers would purify and consecrate their sacred space, draw in positive spirits, and discourage the presence of any unwanted energies. 

As you burn one of these smudge bundles, bask in the fragrance of the sacred smoke, and envision your space and spirit being cleared of energies that do not serve you. Feel these negative vibrations dissipating and rising, being sent back up to Source and repurposed for the Greater Good. Feel your heart space being opened, healed, and activated, allowing you to receive all of the love that the Universe is waiting to give to you. 

  • White sage is perhaps the most highly regarded sacred herb to use for smudging. The smoke of this magical plant will cleanse your space of negative vibrations and powerfully uplift any low energies. 
  • The aroma of Rose with your sage has been used as an ingredient in love spells since ancient times, and the petals of this enchanting flower are known to be potent bringers of good fortune, happiness, and luck in love. Once you’ve experienced this flower’s magic, you’ll understand why it plays such an integral role in love magic all around the world.
  • The combination of white sage and eucalyptus has both a healing and purifying effect on one’s space. Eucalyptus is especially effective at clearing spaces where arguments or negative words have been exchanged. It pushes aside negative energy and is believed to strengthen the immune system.

Palo Santos has a wonderful aroma and has many uses besides just it smell! It is one of the most fragrant woods in the world. Its sweet scent of pine, mint, and lemon has, for centuries, been a harbinger of healing and good fortune.

Clear Quartz Crystal Point - The master healer, bringing with it swathes of powerful positive vibrations, deep soul cleansing, and enhanced patience. Known to help clear away negative energy.

Black Obsidian Tumbled Crystal -  Absorbs negative energies from the environment and can draw out mental stress and tension. Great for calming energy and can aid in moving any excess energy out.

Selenite Wand - Used to cleanse other crystals that have bad or blocked energy or to amplify the other chakras.  Use Selenite in a grid around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space


Product Description:

Each set comes in our OM & LOTUS wooden box for safe storage. Each piece is a unique due to its natural creation in mother nature, as such, there will be some slight variation in terms of color, texture. 

  • (3) 4 inch smudge bundles
    • Rose and White Sage
    • Eucalyptus and White Sage
    • White Sage
  • (1) Palo Santo Stick
  • (1) Clear Quartz Crystal Point
  • (1) Black Obsidian Tumbled Crystal 
  • (1) Selenite wand
  • Wooden Box
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