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Om and Lotus

The Arcadian

The Arcadian

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The Arcadian, uses 3 stones to bring harmony and purity to the mind and body.

Howlite is known to be a calming stone, that is said to teach patience and to help eliminate anger, pain and stress by absorbing those negative energies and emotions. Paired with the powers of Amethyst which is extremely protective and calms the mind and spirit. Known to bring forth the purest aspirations of human kind, purifying the aura of any negative energy. The trifecta of Rose Quartz brings emotional development. It is what connects the body with the spirit. Amplifying the most powerful energy on earth. Love.


Product Description:

Each bracelet is crafted by hand with a non treated natural Amethyst, Howlite and Rose Quartz crystals. Because they come from Mother Earth, variations in color and inclusions can be expected.

  • Gemstone: 8mm Howlite, Amethyst and Rose Quartz beads
  • 1 bracelet and metaphysical description card
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