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Om and Lotus

Creatives Healing Crystal Pouch

Creatives Healing Crystal Pouch

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In a rut and need to get those creative juices flowing. This crystal essential pouch is great to help with inspiration and boost your creative skills.
  • Lapis Lazuli can help sharpen your mind, enhances creativity and can help with automatic writing.
  • Aventurine is especially helpful at enhancing one’s creativity and motivation, energizing the right brain hemisphere
  • Citrine's vibrant, joyful energy is wonderful for increasing energy and helping you feel more positive. It is a powerful and highly creative crystal as it is also believed to encourage a refreshed and focused state of mind
  • Amazonite acts like a plug to prevent your confidence leaking away, while soothing fears and worries that can suppress confidence.
  • Clear Quartz
  • Howlite is known for it’s strong associations with self-awareness, creativity and improving ones emotional attitudes
  • Carnelian brings you motivation and stimulates creativity to give you energy to stay amped up for the day.
  • Amethyst helps overcome doubt in your creative process and helps establish a deeper connection within.


Product Description:

Each set comes in our burlap organza pouch for safe storage on the go. Each piece is a unique due to its natural creation in mother nature, as such, there will be some slight variation in terms of color, texture. 

  • (7) Tumbled Crystals
    • Stone Size: 20- 30mm - tumbled 
    • Purple Color - Amethyst
    • Blue Color - Lapis Lazuli 
    • Green Color - Aventurine
    • Turquoise - Amazonite 
    • Clear Color - Clear Quartz
    • White Color - Howlite
    • Dark Orange Red - Carnelian 
  • Crystal identification cards

Please keep in mind that crystals don’t cure disease, bring you a husband or wife, prevent accidents or make you win the lottery. They’re little magical gifts from the earth that you can work with to draw in what you want to manifest in your life.

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