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Om and Lotus

Flower Agate Egg

Flower Agate Egg

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Gorgeous Flower Agate eggs

Flower Agate is a sweet, gentle healer with feminine energy. This crystal encourages personal growth and emotional stability. To help you manifest, honor your path, and achieve your dreams and higher calling. Remember that the path to growth can be covered in thorns at times. Some days you may feel lost, invalidated, or exhausted. Flower Agate is a supportive friend that walks beside you in forgiveness, gentleness, and motivates you onward. Love yourself. You are doing the best you can.


Product Description:

  • 1 Flower Agate egg polished and smoothed
  • Measurements approximately 55mm wide x 72mm tall.
  • Weight: approximately: 140g

Since these are natural stones, there will be some natural variations in stone pattern and color.

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