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Om and Lotus

Hexagon Selenite Charging Plate

Hexagon Selenite Charging Plate

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Large, hexagon-shaped Selenite Slabs for cleansing crystals or laying out a crystal grid in a unique way. A perfect vessel to charge your healing crystals, gemstones & jewelry.

Selenite carries a high vibration and is able to transmit light, energy & information; making it an excellent conductor for enhancing the properties of other gemstones, and for clearing and charging them. Simply place them on the plate for a minimum of 30 minutes or longer.

As crystals are unique in nature each plate will slightly differ with their mix of translucent, opaque and shimmery pearl-like luster.


Product Description

  • (1) six-sided hexagons
  • 5.5 inches across and .7in inch thick
  • Lightly polished on both sides
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