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Om and Lotus

Open for love

Open for love

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Open for love, Tree of Life, enhanced through rose quartz, brings emotional development. It is what connects the body with the spirit. The most powerful energy on earth is love.

Things like stress and emotional pain, usually caused by bad memories, old programming, emotions, or overthinking can block your heart chakra, and make it difficult for you to form and hold onto healthy relationships. This tree will help with clearing those blocks through the rose quartz that opens the heart to all types of love - love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love. Rose quartz does have a high energy, but its vibration is also calming and soothing.

Attached to a natural Amethyst crystal base also bringing and amplifying tranquility. 


Product Description:

Each individual branch and leaf is crafted by hand with a non heated Rose Quartz gemstones wrapped in copper wire. Copper brings balance and connectivity to you and your spirituality amplifying your Chakras. The tree is rooted into a base of natural Amethyst crystal keeping you grounded into a piece of mother earth. These trees are delicate in nature and are carefully wrapped for shipping. 

  • Tree of Life Symbol: Life, growth, grounding
  • Gemstone: Rose Quartz
  • Hand wrapped Copper wire
  • Base: Natural Amethyst Geode Cluster 
  • Dimensions: Vary
    • Base: 6-7 inches
    • Total height: 7-8 inches


 Since these are natural stones, there will be some natural variations in stone pattern and color.



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