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Om and Lotus

Azurite Crystal (Raw)

Azurite Crystal (Raw)

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"The Wizard" Azurite is a highly sought after crystal in the world of gemstones.

In crystal healing, Azurite is used when it comes to enhancing creativity and inner wisdom because it cleanses and activates the third eye chakra.

To channel the healing properties of Azurite, place it in your office or studio for a constant flow of its powerful energy. Because it stimulates creativity and enhances intuition, the Azurite stone is excellent for using as a study aid or during a work session in the studio. Before you begin work on a project, sit quietly with the stone for twenty minutes to benefit from its inspiring energy.


Product Description:

  • Gemstone: 1 Raw Azurite
  • Weight : Avg 45 (40-55g)
  • Length : 57mm (50-60mm)

Since these are natural stones, there will be some natural variations in stone pattern and color.

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